Guangqi Honda launches Li Nian S1- a popular car appealing to Chinese people

Guangqi Honda., an automobile production and sales joint venture of Honda in China, yesterday introduced Li Nian S1, the first mass-production model of Guangqi Honda’s original automobile brand, Li Nian, which was the first original brand established by an automobile joint venture in China. Honda Li Nian S1 is a compact sedan developed with the goal of creating a new standard for a popular car appealing to Chinese people nationwide. Li Nian S1 realizes both advanced design and outstanding utility by combining a bold and dynamic exterior design with a strong presence, together with a spacious and comfortable interior and trunk space as big as mid-size sedan that was achieved through highly efficient packaging.

Li Nian S1 has already been well-received by Chinese customers, and the number of pre-orders exceeds 3,000 units. With two engine size choices, 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter, the manufacturers suggested retail prices of Li Nian S1 starts from 69,800 R.M.B. (1.3-liter MT model).