Honda Adds History section to flagship sport bike CBR1000RR Website

Honda has added a history section to its CBR1000RR site, providing a rare insight into the flagship sport bike’s twenty years of evolution. Aiming to create a high-performance motorcycle that could defeat the RVF750 in the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race, Honda developed an advance research stage model that led directly to the CBR900RR, which debuted in 1992. With the objective of equaling the acceleration performance of competitors’ flagship sport bikes, Honda increased the stroke of its inline 4-cylinder 750cc engine and raised displacement to 893cc. Complementing this excellent power performance were the bike’s dry weight of 185 kg, wheelbase of 1,405 mm and body almost identical to that of the advance research stage model.

It all added up to completely original super sport bike packaging and a motorcycle so easy to control it seemed to read the rider’s mind. By developing the most lightweight and compact bike in its class, Honda ushered in the era of super sport bikes focused on superior handling and control.

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CBR1000RR History:

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