Honda Begins Sales of All-New Fit Hybrid in Japan with an excellent fuel economy of 30km/liter

Honda begins sales in Japan of a newly refreshed Fit model together with the all-new Fit Hybrid, a new addition to the Fit lineup. The newly-added Fit Hybrid will be offered at the starting price of 1.59 million yen*1, making it the most affordable of all Honda hybrid vehicles. The battery for the hybrid system is located under the rear cargo area which enables the Fit to share the same flexible seating configurations as the rest of the lineup without sacrificing interior comfort that is unique to Fit. The hybrid system, a combination of a 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine and compact and lightweight IMA (Integrated Motor Assist), achieves an excellent fuel economy of 30km/liter.

The Honda Fit received a refresh to further improve the fuel economy and utility of the base Fit model types 13 G/13 L. For both the 15 X type, which offers a more upscale look and feel, and the sporty RS type, the unique characteristics of each model were further enhanced. Since the introduction of Fit in June 2001, cumulative sales in Japan reached the 1.5 million-unit mark in September 2010. Fit is currently produced at ten production plants in eight countries/regions including Japan and is sold in approximately 115 countries. The model has been appraised by customers around the world and cumulative global sales exceeds 3.5 million units.