Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car wins Car of the Year Japan award

Honda CR-Z, a hybrid vehicle, has been awarded the Car of the Year Japan 2010–2011 by the Japan Car of the Year Executive Committee. The recipient of the Car of the Year Japan is selected by up to 60 motor experts chosen by the committee from among all passenger cars marketed in Japan between Nov. 1 of the previous year and Sept. 30 of the current year.. The sporty Honda CR-Z hybrid brings together a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine and Honda’s original Integrated Motor Assist system into a progressive and dynamic design that fuses agile, exhilarating driving with outstanding fuel efficiency of 25.0 km/l. To maximise driver choice and enhance day to day drivability, the CR-Z is fitted with a 3-Mode Drive System (NORMAL, ECON and SPORT).

This unique feature allows the driver to choose between the driving modes, which alter the responses of the throttle, steering, climate control and the level of assistance provided by the IMA system. This allows the driver to adapt the car’s settings to enjoy their favourite road, maximise economy, or strike a balance between the two. The motor experts also selected Volkswagen AG’s Polo compact car as the Import Car of the Year. In the 31 years of the Japan Car of the Year, Honda has won it 11 times. Its last winner was the Jazz in 2007.