Honda Develops engine for for next-generation 125cc scooters

honda_125cc global_standard_engine.jpg
Honda has developed an engine with enhanced durability, quietness, and fuel economy for 125cc Scooters Equipped on Global Scooter Models.The engine developed for next-generation 125cc scooters, accommodates an advanced idle stop system for motorcycles. Fuel economy is approximately 25% better than that of conventional engines for scooters with the same displacement. This liquid-cooled, 125cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine incorporates a wide range of low-friction technologies while packing its lighter weight in a more compact body.

honda_125cc global_standard_engine_cross.jpg
Intelligent electronic control improves fuel efficiency through the reduction of friction during power generation.The newly developed 125cc global-standard engine will be mounted on a variety of 125cc scooters to be sold in many countries around the world and is planned for global rollout starting from 2012