Honda develops world’s first Ecological Drive Assist System with three functions for Enhanced Real World Fuel Economy

honda_Ecological_Drive_Assist System.jpg
Honda announced the development of the Ecological Drive Assist System, which combines three functions to enhance fuel economy: the ECON Mode utilizes harmonized control of the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and engine to support more fuel-efficient driving; the guidance function uses speedometer color to provide real-time guidance on fuel-efficient driving; and the scoring function provides feedback about current driving practices, as well as feedback on cumulative, long-term fuel-efficient driving. The world’s first system to combine these three functions in a comprehensive approach to fuel economy enhancement, the Ecological Drive Assist System will be implemented for the first time on the all-new Insight hybrid vehicle in spring 2009.
honda_Ecological_Drive_Assist System_A.jpg

The Japan-market version of the Insight equipped with the optional Honda HDD InterNavi System, the Ecological Drive Assist System has an added function that enables drivers to receive advice on driving practices that enhance fuel economy. The scoring function provides cumulative, long-term feedback through graphic ‘leaves’, which grow over time as drivers become more proficient in fuel-efficient driving. The joy of growing these leaves over a long time will encourage drivers to learn how to drive more fuel-efficiently.