Honda Safety Navi-Educational software for safe driving for a PC-based automobile driving simulator

Honda begins sales in Japan of Honda Safety Navi, new educational software for safe driving developed for a PC-based automobile driving simulator. Combined with a retail personal computer and accessories such as a steering wheel, Honda Safety Navi provides a simple and easy to use automobile driving simulator.
Honda Safety Navi contains two types of programs. One program (“Eco-Drive”) helps users understand fuel-efficient driving techniques and learn key points of eco-driving. The other program (“SD Coacher”) helps users learn key points of safe driving in the case of risks inherent to various road conditions such as snow, rain, and night driving.

Honda Safety Navi is designed to enable users to enjoy learning about eco and safe driving. This is the first time for Honda to develop software for an automobile simulator which helps users to learn eco-driving. Honda Safety Navi will be sold as software alone or bundled with the recommended hardware in Japan.