Honda VFR1200F/VFR1200F- Dual Clutch Transmission brand new motorcycle

Honda announced plans to begin sales in 2010 of the sports tourer VFR1200F/VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission, featuring an all-new V4 engine. The Honda VFR1200F has been developed in keeping with previous VFRs; that have delivered a combination of sports and touring capabilities using the latest technologies. This motorcycle is however brand new: A clean-sheet interpretation of the ultimate road-sport machine – a concept driven by extensive understanding of customer needs and the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies.

The harmonic growl of the flexible and responsive V4 motor may rekindle the emotions inspired by previous iconic VFRs, but it’s unique ‘heartbeat’ engine feel and an unrivalled level of manageability sets the new Honda VFR apart, not only from its forbears – but also from every bike currently available.