HondaJet Elite receives Russian type certification from the Federal Air Transport Agency

Honda Aircraft announced today that HondaJet Elite has received Russian type certification from the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA). The first HondaJet with Russian registration began its operation in the region immediately after receiving the certification. The HondaJet Elite is well suited to the needs of business travelers in Russia and the CIS, as it can provide safe, quick and efficient transport between cities in the region, or between Russia and the European Union.

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 As customer demand grows, Honda Aircraft Company is continuing to expand its list of type certifications. The HondaJet currently holds 13 type certifications around the world. The HondaJet Elite showcases the aeronautical breakthroughs developed by Honda Aircraft and is the most efficient, quietest, fastest, furthest and highest-flying aircraft in its class. The HondaJet fleet is currently comprised of over 170 aircraft worldwide with more than 63,000 flight hours and an industry-leading dispatch reliability.

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