Hyundai Motor’s premium concept HCD-14 Genesis makes its world debut at the 2013 NAIAS

Hyundai Motor today presented a glimpse of its future design directions for its premium vehicles at the 2013 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), accelerating its push into the global luxury segment. The luxury concept also hints at the company’s future premium convenience features by showcasing cutting-edge technologies such as innovative eye-tracking and gesture-based controls. The HCD-14 Genesis powertrain features the award-winning Hyundai Tau V8 engine, displacing 5.0-liters, with direct injection and Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), for impressive power, low emissions and superb efficiency. HCD-14 Genesis uses optical recognition to identify the driver and initiate the starting sequence, while gear selection for the 8-speed automatic transmission is performed via paddle shifters.

Hyundai_HCD-14 Genesis Concept_steering
Using state-of-the-art driver eye-tracking and 3-D hand-gesture recognition, HCD-14 Genesis is able to recognize driver commands free from the distractions associated with manual controls. Once a specific feature is selected via eye-tracking, thumb controls or gesture recognition can be used to select navigation, infotainment, audio, HVAC, and even smartphone connectivity functions. HCD-14’s innovative eye-tracking and gesture-based controls reduce typical driving distractions, resulting in a more focused driver able to better appreciate the day-to-day satisfaction of exceptional vehicle dynamics.
Hyundai_HCD-14 Genesis Concept_rear_seat
HCD-14 Genesis conveys a fluidic-precision, liquid-metal design language. Craftsmanship quality is conveyed via gemstone-like design surfaces. A bold front fascia surrounds brushed metal grille surfaces with a deep vertical grille opening. The corners of the rear hood incorporate heat extractor design accents that integrate seamlessly with exterior mirror design. From the side view silhouette, classic rear-drive sport sedan proportions are conveyed by an extended dash-to-axle length, short overhangs, large-diameter wheels, sharply-tapered greenhouse, and short rear deck.
Hyundai_HCD-14 Genesis Concept
Opening the rear door reveals a rear-hinged configuration, with a single, oversized, brushed-aluminum hinge articulating diagonally from the rear door cutline. With both doors open, HCD-14 Genesis has an inviting and commodious cabin ambience. Inside the cabin, a double-cresting-wave center console design carries from the instrument panel through to the rear seats. This design-wave theme further influences the interior door handles and rear headrest hoods. Gauges and driver data are provided via an eclectic fusion of both analog and digital sources, with aviation-derived design cues.
Hyundai_HCD-14 Genesis Concept_rear_light
Hyundai_HCD-14 Genesis Concept_seat

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