Hyundai recalls 220,000 Santa Fe SUVs and YF Sonata sedans sold in the U.S.due to faulty airbags

Hyundai will recall 220,000 Santa Fe SUVs and YF Sonata mid-sized sedans sold in the U.S. due to faulty airbags. Hyundai will fix the airbags free of charge. The Hyundai models being recalled are 199,118 Santa Fe SUVs produced between April 19, 2006 and July 7, 2008, and 22,512 YF Sonatas manufactured from Jan. 24 to June 21 of this year. The Santa Fe SUVs have faulty occupant classification systems (OCS) that are unable to recognize small passengers in the front seat, meaning the air bags will in some cases not be triggered in the event of a collision.

The YF Sonatas that are being recalled have the opposite problem, as the side airbags have been found to inflate at random, increasing the risk of possible injuries. However, those models sold in Korea will not be recalled as the Santa Fe SUVs do not have OCS functions, while the airbags installed in Korean YF Sonatas are also different from those in export models and have not shown any problems.

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