In South Korea Tag Your Smartphone to Taxi and Return Home Safely

korea_taxiThe City of Bucheon in South Korea will begin a Safe-return-home taxi service from May by sharing taxi information with a passenger’s family members. Using an NFC tag installed in every taxi in the city, passengers can tag their phone and have the service send information including the boarding time and location, plate number, the name of the taxi operator and a contact number to designated people including family members and close friends.

Safe-return-home taxi servicePassengers can use the service by installing the Gyeonggi-do Safe Taxi Service smartphone app and designating a recipient for the text messages. Officials have ordered the operators of every taxi registered in the city to install the NFC tags by the end of this month. With the safe-return-home taxi service, women, students and the elderly can safely use taxis, and as the taxi’s information is recorded, lost items can easily be reclaimed.

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