Japan to introduce a ninja train – Will use optical camouflage to blend with landscape

Seibu_railway_Japan_2016Seibu Railway Japan plans to introduce a new express train in 2018 with a design that will blend the train with the landscape. The train will look like a reflection of landscape when it goes into service. The future train will use optical camouflage technology to reflect the landscape.

Seibu_railway_JapanThe design concept of the new train, “blend into the soft landscape in the urban and natural express, will help passengers to relax and enjoy the journey as if they are in a living room. The concept, designing and planning is done by world famous Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima. Kazuyo Sejima has won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize also. The new express train to be introduced in Japan in 2018 will be an 8 car train .
kazuyo_sejimaKazuyo Sejima (born 29 October 1956) is a Japanese architect. She is known for designs with clean modernist elements. They usually include slick, clean, and shiny surfaces made of glass, marble, and metals. She also uses squares and cubes, which can be found in her designs in various degrees. Large windows allow natural light to enter a space and create a fluid transition between interior and exterior. It is this connection of two spaces from which she draws her inspiration. Kazuyo Sejima, along with and Ryue Nishizawa, has worked on several projects in Germany, Switzerland, France, England, the Netherlands, United States, and Spain.

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