Kia Motors Launches new subcompact Pride with vehicle stability management system

Kia Motors on March 25 announced the launch new subcompact Pride with the vehicle stability management system as a default option. The VSM system had been available in previous models as an option at additional 400,000 won ($360). The new subcompact Pride is offered at a reasonable price with a variety of safety features. The price of the 1.4-liter Deluxe gasoline model is 300,000 won ($275) higher than before, it comes with many bells and whistles including 15-inch alloy wheels, a heated steering wheel, a leather steering wheel cover, and a transmission gear knob.

Kia offers an extended warranty of up to 60,000 kilometers or three years from current 40,000 km or two years for the body and parts. (The powertrain warranty period is same as before at 100,000 km or five years.) The Pride is an all-new model with features such as safety, efficiency, and resale value all rolled into one. The retail prices of the 2013 Pride range from 11.45 million won ($10 316) to 16.95 million won ($15 271).

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