Kyushu Electric Power and DENSO Jointly Developing Information Distribution System Using EV Charging Stations

Kyushu Electric Power and Denso are jointly Developing an Information Distribution System Using EV Charging Stations and to Conduct Demonstration Experiments. With this system, in-vehicle information devices and mobile information devices in EVs will communicate with EV charging stations that are connected to the Internet, to provide users with information services. This system will use event information, tourist information and disaster prevention information and other information provided by Fukuoka City and information provided by Kyushu Electric Power’s group companies. Kyushu Electric Power and Denso have been developing the system from fiscal year ending March 2011 with the purpose to help create a low-carbon society by increasing the use of EVs and promote regional development in Fukuoka, Japan, by utilizing Fukuoka City’s regional information database.

Kyushu Electric Power’s EV charging station technologies and Denso’s information device and telecommunications technologies will be combined to develop the system.The two companies will conduct demonstration experiments from the end of fiscal year ending March 2012 through fiscal year ending March 2013, and consider commercial applications based on the results. Prior to the demonstrations, a demo system will be presented at Kyushu Electric Power’s exhibition booth at the Fukuoka Motor Show 2012 from Jan. 27 to 30, 2012.

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