Lexus IS F premium sports car to be launched in Japan

The IS F is a Lexus “F” premium sports car based on the concept of proposing a new level of performance for Lexus through a refinement of basic performance with the addition of new cruising technology. The vehicle was developed to pursue, to the fullest extent possible, the “joy of driving” — which is one of the fundamental appeals of the automobile — by responding reliably and performing as intended. The hood, grille, front fenders and front and rear bumpers, rocker panel molding, rear spoiler and other elements of Lexus IS F were designed exclusively for the IS F based on the Lexus design philosophy “L-finesse”. The exterior styling has a dynamic yet simple form that expresses the vehicle’s cruising performance and functionality. Based on the IS series, the IS F boasts a completely new engine and transmission, an exclusive suspension and specially selected aluminum wheels and tires. The 8-Speed Sport Direct Shift transmission is based on the eight-speed automatic transmission used on the LS460 series, with electronic control technology that provides the benefits of both the smooth shifting of an automatic transmission for comfortable driving and a full-scale, sporty manual transmission that does not need a clutch — which is without precedent anywhere in the world for an eight-speed transmission.
The Lexus IS F premium sports car was tested extensively on race circuits in Japan and overseas, including Fuji Speedway, in order to demonstrate its full potential. The 14-speaker Mark Levinson premium surround-sound audio system has been tuned specifically for the IS F (optional on all vehicles in the series).

The Lexus IS F premium sports car with a monthly sales target of 40 vehicles will be on sale in Japan from December 25th and will cost approximately 7,660,000 Yen ($65,700).