LG Innotek develops 800V wireless BMS for the first time in the industry

LG Innotek announced the development of a Wireless Battery Management System (Wireless BMS) that improved battery performance drastically. A BMS, an essential component of electric vehicles, is a control system that monitors the voltage, current, temperature, etc. of a battery to optimize its performance and life span. The wireless BMS that LG Innotek developed is embedded with an Radio Frequency (RF) communication module that combines essential components for wireless communication, such as a RF communication chip and antenna, into one unit for the first time in the world.

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The key advantage of a wireless BMS is that it contributes to reducing the weight of vehicles mounted with a BMS. Once the cables connected to the BMS are removed, the vehicle weight is reduced by 66~198Ib. Removing the dozens of cables and connectors required for a BMS reduces both the weight and volume of a battery pack. This secures additional space of 10~15% for a battery pack, enabling increasing the capacity of a battery. That is, the mileage of an electric vehicle can be increased further.

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A wireless BMS increases the mileage of an electric vehicle by up to 12mile. The adoption of a wireless BMS enhances the reliability of a product that uses it still further. This is because the possibility of a cable or connector failure due to vehicle vibration is completely removed. The assembly of a battery pack previously conducted manually due to the complexity of cable connections can now be automated using a robot, achieving cost reduction. LG Innotek plans to start mass production of the wireless BMS in 2024.