Mazda to Begin Public Road Trials of the Mazda ASV-4 Advanced Safety Vehicle

Mazda will commence public road trials of its advanced safety vehicle, Mazda ASV-4, in the Hiroshima area on March 11, 2008.During the ASV Project’s Phase Four trials, Mazda will forge ahead with development of a safe driving support system that employs vehicle-to-vehicle communications. The ASV project has been promoting the spread of safe driving to reduce traffic accidents through advanced technologies for over fifteen years since its inception by the MLIT in 1991. Mazda’s test results from Phase One to Phase Three have already resulted in the successful development of various advanced safety technologies. These include: a rear vehicle monitoring system that detects vehicles approaching from behind at highway speeds; and Mazda’s Precrash Safety System, which uses milliwave radar to monitor for oncoming obstacles, then alerts the driver and automatically applies the brakes if necessary.

The Mazda ASV-4, part of the project’s fourth phase (2006 to 2010), will participate in the effort to promote the spread of ASV technologies and develop and implement a telecommunications-based safe driving support system to help reduce traffic accidents.