Mercedes-Benz Announces New Autopilot System for S-Class cars in Korea

Mercedes-Benz Korea announced a partial autopilot car which automatically accelerates and decelerates to keep pace with surrounding traffic. Eight Mercedes S-Class cars featuring the DISTRONIC PLUS intelligent drive system were shown to the public on May 26 in Korea. In the new system, radar sensors scan ahead of the car to maintain a safe distance with other vehicles. DISTRONIC PLUS also increases or decreases the car’s speed according to stopping or accelerating traffic ahead.

Mercedes_SclassThe system can also brake to a full halt, and also works on curvy roads. The partial auto-pilot mode is instantly lifted when the driver steps on the brake. The company’s Brake Assist Plus safely stops the car when it senses an imminent collision, or if its sensors identify that it’s about to collide with a human being.

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