Mercedes Benz is the first carmaker to offer a significantly brighter light with Osram xenon headlamps

Since December, new xenon bulbs by OSRAM have been included in the production of Mercedes-Benz E and S class vehicles, whose colour temperature has been increased by 20 per cent. At 5,000 Kelvin the new Osram xenon light is even closer to daylight and therefore shines even brighter – a visual innovation in the truest sense of the word. OSRAM’s new D1S CBI is unique to the extent that no other manufacturer has succeeded before in producing a 5,000-Kelvin lamp in OEM quality. The new colour temperature caters to human ways of seeing things; it gives the eye an impression of increased brightness and is therefore a relief for drivers. Tests show that artificial light strains the eye less the closer its temperature is to daylight. This is a crucial increase in safety considering only 20 per cent of driving is done at night – but that is when 40 per cent of fatal accidents occur.

Following the E and S class models, other Mercedes-Benz series will be gradually equipped with the new xenon bulbs during 2011. In addition, all previous Mercedes-Benz vehicles with xenon headlamps can have this safety upgrade done. The new xenon bulbs will be available as Mercedes-Benz original parts at its locations and dealerships as well as retail outlets in versions D1/D2.