Mitsubishi Electric Develops World’s Smallest SiC Inverter for HEVs

Mitsubishi Electric announced today that it has developed a working model of an ultra-compact silicon carbide (SiC) inverter for hybrid electrical vehicles (HEVs) that is believed to be the world’s smallest SiC of its type at just five liters volume. The SiC Inverter for HEVs offers the world’s highest power density of 86 kVA / L for two-motor HEVs, thanks to incorporation of full-SiC power semiconductor modules that achieve superior heat dissipation.

The new ultra-compact SiC inverter from Mitsubishi Electric is expected to help meet the increasing demand for HEVs by reducing the amount of on-board space that must be allotted to electrical apparatus, such as inverters and motors. To develop this world’s smallest inverter, Mitsubishi Electric created a superior heat dissipation structure that ensures long-term reliability by connecting the power semiconductor modules and heat sink with solder. Commercialization for HEVs, electrical vehicles (EVs), and others is expected sometime around 2021.

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