Mitsubishi Electric’s Fastest Elevators to be installed in LCT Landmark Tower

Mitsubishi Electric will deliver two elevators capable of ascending 600 meters per minute at the LCT Landmark Tower in Haeundae, Busan, in 2019. The fastest elevators in South Korea when installed will carry passengers from the first floor to the 100th floor in about 52 seconds. The 383.5 meters of travel will be the longest distance covered by any elevator in South Korea.

ProjectImageThe Landmark 411.6 meters high and 101 floors Tower houses a hotel and a residential hotel; two residential towers (339 meters and 331 meters high, and both 85 floors); and one podium tower (7 floors) connecting the three high rises. A total of 78 elevators for the three high rises will be manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric.

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