Mitsubishi Motors recalls nearly 300,000 small cars in Japan over engine oil leaks

Japan’s fourth-largest automaker Mitsubishi Motors on Thursday recalled nearly 300,000 small cars in Japan over engine oil leaks. The recall covered nine small models, including the Minica and the family-sized eK Wagon as well as two models supplied to Nissan. The 299,320 vehicles involved, produced between July 2001 and April 2006, were not sold outside Japan. Mitsubishi said a faulty engine part could trigger an oil leak and light the oil pressure gauge on the dashboard.

In a worst case scenario the inside of the engine could be scorched, leading to engine failure. A total of 112 malfunctions had been reported since December 2004, with cars breaking down completely in three cases. Mitsubishi recalled about 250,000 vehicles in Japan over a similar problem in November 2010.

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