Mitsubishi Electric announces World’s Smallest and Lightest Motor Controller Unit for Automotive Power Steering

Mitsubishi Electric has developed the world’s smallest and lightest motor controller unit for electric power steering in automobiles. This next generation motor controller unit is half in volume and 70% in weight compared to the company’s current products with equal output, contributing to the enhanced fuel efficiency of automobiles. Mitsubishi Electric has also upgraded steering assistance capabilities by improving the output performance of the motor by 30% through optimization of the electromagnetic design and the employment of the company’s original Poki-poki motor, which incorporates technologies that increase coil density. 40% of new automobiles manufactured worldwide now incorporate electric power steering, which can reduce fuel cost by 3~5% compared to those using hydraulic steering.

Automobile and steering manufacturers are increasingly calling for motors and controllers that are much smaller and lighter than current components to further improve fuel efficiency and facilitate installation of power steering systems. To fulfill these needs, Mitsubishi Electric has integrated the motor and controller into one unit, and aligned them on the same axis by improving the internal structure of the controller. Mitsubishi Electric will provide the product to automobile and steering manufacturers in the near future.