NEC Develops system LSI chip and operating systems for next-generation automotive information

NEC Corporation and NEC Electronics Corporation have completed development of prototypes for a system LSI chip and operating systems that will serve as the platform for next-generation automotive information systems. The system LSI chip and OS were developed in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corp., Aishin AW Co., Ltd., and Denso Corp., and capitalizes on synergies between NEC’s software expertise and NEC Electronics’ device technologies. NEC will continue to collaborate with these three companies to implement the platform in Toyota vehicles equipped with multimedia information systems from 2010 onward.
On this platform, the system LSI chip will be joined with the “control system OS” that governs vehicle control and body-related systems in real-time, as well as the “information system OS” that governs car navigation, audio systems, and communications, etc. These interactions will make it possible to easily provide rich user interfaces, as well as new functions such as vehicle control using digital maps, or road information and remote failure diagnosis services based on sensing and logging of vehicle conditions.

This new system LSI chip and OS utilizes a uniform architecture that helps shorten system development periods, facilitates efficient use of development resources, and enables ease of configuration and modification.