New N700A Shinkansen bullet train makes its commercial debut tomorrow between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka

With a host of passenger-friendly features and automated speed control system the new N700A Shinkansen bullet train will make its commercial debut on Feb. 8 in Japan between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka. JR Tokai will introduce four 16-car bullet trains .The maximum speed of the new N700A Shinkansen bullet train remains 300 kph, same as the previous N700 mode, it is equipped with an advanced speed control system that allows it to run at the maximum appropriate speed on any given section of track, including curves and inclines.

The letter “A” of N700A, printed by each door, stands for advanced. Headrests of standard passenger seats have been redesigned for greater comfort, and LED lights are installed in the toilets and wash rooms, cutting power use by 20 percent compared to the previous model.

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