NGK Spark Plug to launch worlds first intake oxygen sensor for controlling the EGR systems of passenger cars

NGK Spark Plug_oxygen_sensorNGK Spark Plug has decided to commercialize an intake oxygen sensor for controlling the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems of passenger cars for the first time in the world. The sensor can reduce the amount of NOx (nitrogen oxides) generated in a diesel engine and can reduce the pumping loss of a gasoline engine, improving fuel efficiency. Expecting that the intake oxygen sensor will be attached on the intake side, NGK Spark Plug realized an about 35% lower mass, compared with existing exhaust oxygen sensors. For the intake oxygen sensor’s ceramic element, which is used for measurement, NGK Spark Plug employed the technologies developed for its exhaust oxygen sensor, which has been employed for many automotive sensors.

NGK Spark PlugSpecifically, the company applied technologies for high accuracy, long life and high reliability. NGK considers that the sensor will be used for complying with exhaust gas regulations, which are expected to become severer worldwide. The sensor is attached on the intake side of an engine equipped with an EGR system. It finely controls the air-fuel ratio by measuring oxygen density after the density decreases due to the intake of EGR gas and using the density data for adjusting the amount of EGR gas.

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