Nissan Almera designed specifically for the Russian market launched at Moscow International Autosalon

The all-new Nissan Almera, launched today at the Moscow International Autosalon, has been designed specifically to meet the unique demands of the Russian market. Nissan Almera combines exceptional roominess and genuine refinement with a robust chassis and proven drivetrain, while the design mixes contemporary Nissan styling cues with classic features to create a modern yet timeless look. In addition to its size, features and its Japanese badge, the new Nissan Almera will also be a highly affordable, rational and aspirational purchase matched by an unequalled ownership experience.

Almera is a classic four-door, five-seat saloon with a timeless body design showing clear Nissan DNA. The long wheelbase helps to create a spacious cabin while the roomy luggage area is cleverly disguised by the sweep of the roofline and rear window which blends into the trunk lid. It has a unique trivalent chrome compound which withstands attack from the chemicals used to de-ice the roads in Russia to maintain the premium chrome look. The all-new Nissan Almera will be built on a newly installed line in Togliatti operating in full compliance with global production standards.

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