Nissan and FedEx Express begin testing of the 100% electric e-NV200 commercial vehicle in Singapore

Nissan and FedEx Express have begun testing of the 100% electric e-NV200 commercial vehicle in Singapore. During the field test, Nissan will provide FedEx Express with a monitor e-NV200 vehicle for use as a delivery vehicle in the city for one month. After one month, the companies will evaluate the vehicle’s potential for the delivery of international air cargo. Trial results and feedback will continue to shape the development of the all-electric urban delivery compact van and related software. The 100% electric e-NV200 commercial vehicle, scheduled to launch in 2014, is the second EV (electric vehicle) model to be sold globally, preceded only by the Nissan LEAF. The vehicle is scheduled to launch in 2014.

Upon completion in Singapore, the test program will be extended to other countries, such as Brazil and the United States. Prior to the joint announcement, the two companies had also tested the same model in the U.K. and in Japan. The e-NV200 provides exceptionally smooth acceleration and quietness, driving characteristics that are unique to electric vehicles, while keeping CO2 emissions zero at the point of use. The vehicle also displays great potential for use in various fields of business, with its advanced telematics system and power-supply function in the cargo compartment.

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