Nissan announces all- new Skyline featuring world’s first Active Lane Control and Direct Adaptive Steering technology

Nissan today announced the launch of the all-new Skyline, which goes on sale late February 2014 at Nissan dealers throughout Japan. Since its debut in 1957, Skyline has been well received by many customers. The new Skyline is the most premium and dynamic model among successive models. Offering unprecedented driving pleasure, its sensuous design, advanced technology and performance will be new benchmarks for luxury models.

Highlights of the new Skyline include:
High-quality driving pleasure acting in concert with your feelings: Nissan’s original one-motor two-clutch parallel hybrid “Intelligent Dual Clutch Control” system is adopted in every grade. It offers both powerful acceleration performance with maximum power output of 268kW (364ps) and superb fuel economy of 18.4km/L (on JC08 mode)
World’s first Direct Adaptive Steering technology controls tire movements with steering inputs transformed into electrical signal. This system delivers responsive handling and quickly communicates road surface feedback to the driver. Combined with another world’s first, Active Lane Control, which uses a camera to detect the intended direction of the vehicle based on the lane markers at speeds of 70 kilometers per hour or more to help fine-tune the tire angle and steering reaction force, resulting in greater driver confidence at highway speeds.
Dynamic and uplifting design elaborately created to drive: Exterior design expresses vigor and premium feel by lower and wider proportions created with the height decreased by 10 mm and the width increased by 50 mm compared to the previous-generation model.
LED headlights that suggest eyes looking intently ahead; sporty side view that highlights FR’s dynamic and forward-tilted stance; and impressive rear view with a strong presence .
Interior design for the driver’s seat offers high functionality and excitement with which the driver can concentrate on driving while roomy space and high-quality comfort are offered to the front passenger’s seat and rear seats. The design that gives a premium appearance motivates the driver to drive longer and further.
Leadership in Safety through Innovation: The new Skyline offers exceptional safety performance, beginning with its high-strength body construction (Zone Body) that utilizes the world’s first 1.2 gigapascal (GPa) Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability. Unlike many of its key competitors, the new Skyline offers a suite of innovative crash avoidance technologies intended to help reduce collisions around the vehicle.
Available technologies include Emergency Brake, which can help the driver avoid a frontal collision at speeds of 60 km/h or less, and Backup Collision Intervention, which helps the driver avoid collisions with crossing path vehicles when backing up, as well as Lane Departure Prevention and Blind Spot Intervention.
With run-flat tires included as standard in every grade, the vehicle can travel around 150 km at 80 kilometers per hour even with completely flat tires. Price range: 2,990,400 yen ($30,150) to 3,490,650 yen ($35,190), including consumption tax.

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