Nissan debuts IDx NISMO- an ultra-sporty model of the future at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan today unveiled concept car IDx NISMO, an ultra-sporty model of the future that looks as if it came directly from a driving simulator.

Nissan_IDx NISMO
Nissan IDx NISMO with radically different characteristics, created by a new approach to product development offers a new take on authenticity.
Nissan_IDx NISMO_open
IDx NISMO shows how Nissan is using a new and innovative product development methods to meet the needs of younger customers who have novel, exciting ideas, and engage with them to build the cars they want.
Nissan_IDx NISMO_top
The IDx NISMO is designed to appeal to digital natives, the generation born after 1990 and integrates their feedback into the creation process.
Nissan_IDx NISMO_steering

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Nissan_IDx NISMO_dash_board

Nissan_IDx NISMO_concept_car

Nissan_IDx NISMO_concept_sports_car