Nissan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Siemens develop automotive industry’s first full-scale next generation vehicle design platform

nissanNissan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Siemens have developed the industry’s first next-generation vehicle design infrastructure that provides Nissan’s global R&D centers with a continuous, high-speed connection to the latest vehicle development data. The solution’s engineering virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) gives Nissan more flexibility and manageability of global vehicle design. Nissan has started to use the infrastructure in North America and Europe. Engineering VDI uses advanced graphics processing based on desktop virtualization technology. It allows engineers to access a virtual 3D CAD workstation on servers and control them on a desktop environment.

With this technology, Nissan is able to store the latest data on its servers which teams around the world can access at any time. This will enhance productivity and usability, as well as improve cost efficiencies and disaster risk management. This new platform is a fully-scalable, next generation vehicle design solution that adopts engineering VDI globally, utilizing servers with the most advanced graphics processing, high-performance storage, software and network acceleration technology.

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