Nissan LEAF Adds to Power Grid-lock Solutions

Nissan today announced it will help ease anticipated electricity supply constraints this summer through measures to be taken jointly with the City of Osaka and Osaka Prefecture under the power saving actions with Nissan LEAF initiative. Nissan’s contribution to the power saving measures will include the provision of the LEAF to Home power supply system. Free of cost, Nissan will loan 250 sets of Nissan LEAFs paired with EV Power Station units, which are made by the Nichicon Corporation. The 250 sets are expected to contribute to balancing energy needs in the Osaka region by enabling users to charge during nighttime and supply electricity to homes during daytime.

The System can be used as a backup power source in case of power outages and/or shortages. Osaka city and prefectural offices will receive 50 sets, with 200 sets destined for the private sector within the prefecture*. Nissan will be responsible for recruiting individual participants and corporations located in Osaka prefecture. Private sector child and elderly care facilities are eligible to apply.

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