Nissan Showcases Next-Gen LIDAR-Based Collision Avoidance Tech at Intersection Demo

Nissan recently hosted a demonstration of its cutting-edge advanced driver-assistance technology, powered by LIDAR, highlighting its latest addition of intersection collision avoidance. The event took place at a Nissan facility, showcasing the system’s ability to execute automatic collision-avoidance maneuvers in the complex environment of intersections. By the mid-2020s, Nissan aims to deploy this technology, offering customers enhanced peace of mind and significantly improving accident avoidance.

To achieve this, Nissan is meticulously studying real-world accidents to gain a comprehensive understanding of various accident scenarios, said Takao Asami, senior vice president and head of Nissan’s Research and Advanced Engineering Division. The technology incorporates ground breaking ground-truth perception technology, utilizing next-gen LIDAR, and introduces a novel control logic for intersection collision avoidance. It can accurately assess an object’s speed, location, and potential collision risk from a lateral perspective. The system promptly adapts to changing conditions by promptly applying emergency braking or releasing the brakes when the risk has been averted.

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Intersections often witness accidents resulting from human error, leading to dire consequences. Consequently, Nissan’s in-development system is being designed to offer improved assistance during challenging situations through advanced sensing and intelligent decision-making capabilities. By combining advanced LIDAR technology with sophisticated collision-avoidance algorithms, Nissan is paving the way for a safer and more secure autonomous driving future.

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