Nissan All-New Fairlady Z Roadster- A two-seat convertible with a fully automatic power-operated soft top

Nissan announced the release of the new Fairlady Z Roadster, which goes on sale today at Nissan dealers in Japan. In addition, the Fairlady Z Coupe receives minor new model enhancements and a new Fairlady Z 40th Anniversary” model, which marks the first four decades of the popular Nissan sports car, joins the lineup.
The Nissan all-new Fairlady Z Roadster is a two-seat convertible with a fully, automatic power-operated, soft top. Along with providing the exhilaration of open-air driving, Fairlady Z Roadster offers high performance, dynamic design and excellent value.
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Like the Fairlady Z Coupe, the new Roadster model features significant improvements in performance, style and technology versus the previous Fairlady Z Roadster design. With its shorter wheelbase, reduced weight and advanced VQ37VHR 3.7-liter engine the new Roadster model gives remarkably high levels of acceleration and handling, while also providing a comfortable interior with minimum wind buffeting – even with the top open.
The Fairlady Z Roadster’s aggressive exterior design features a dynamic arch-shaped character line that runs from the headlights to the waistline and continues back to the iconic Fairlady Z LED brake lights.
The convertible top itself features an improved texture and rich appearance (versus the previous generation design) by using fabric instead of canvas. The top is available in a choice of two colors – Black or Bordeaux.
The high-quality interior is designed to enhance both driving enjoyment and passenger comfort. Airflow around the cabin is optimized by the front window moldings, while a rear deflector helps minimize wind buffeting when the top is open. With the top closed, a full fabric inner lining helps provide a quality look and feel, while also helping reduce the transmission of outside noise into the roomy cabin.The Fairlady Z Roadster is available in a choice of eight body colors, including a new, elegant Premium Deep Maroon. All colors are protected with Nissan’s Scratch Shield.