Nissan ‘An Electric Vehicle in our Home’ Web Site educates children about the reality of global warming

An Electric Vehicle in our Home, a Web program for kids, will be uploaded to the Nissan Zero-Emission Web site today. An Electric Vehicle in our Home is designed to educate elementary school children about the reality of global warming and the merits of 100 percent, zero-emission, electric vehicles (EVs). The program features unique, kid-accessible characters and easy-to-follow dialogue about EVs and a zero-emission society. Utilizing engaging photos, graphics and film, the program gives kids and their parents a comprehensive look at EV technology and Nissan’s vision of a zero-emission sustainable society.

The “Nissan Zero-Emission” Web site shares Nissan’s vision and approach to a zero- emission, sustainable society, as well as product information about Nissan LEAF, the first 100 percent, mass-marketed, zero-emission car.

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