Nissan announces new Roox minicar with top-in-class fuel efficiency of 21.5km per litre

The new Nissan Roox minicar goes on sale today at Nissan dealers in Japan. The most distinctive features of the new Nissan Roox are its spacious interior, elegant design and convenient features, such as the double sliding rear doors that provide for convenient entry and exit and a large, low-floor height luggage space. The name Roox was coined from “room” and “max” to convey its exceptionally roomy interior. While Roox’s comfortable family car cabin is designed to change people’s impression of minicar interiors in Japan, its exterior design also brings an eye-catching new face to the segment. Roox incorporates the design characteristics of Nissan’s Highway Star Minivan series, including Serena and Elgrand, providing a striking and elegant appearance.

The new Nissan Roox offers efficient operation and performance. The K6A engine-equipped models (except for turbo models) deliver both excellent environmental and driving performance, achieving top-in-class fuel efficiency of 21.5km/L. With a 15% or 20% improvement in fuel economy over the 2010 standards, these models are certified SU-LEV. Nissan Roox will be available in the price range of 1,244,250 yen ($14,330) to 1,714,650 yen ($19,747),including consumption tax in Japan.