Nissan Delivers the First Nissan LEAF in Japan to the Kanagawa Prefectural Government

Nissan today delivered the first 10 units of its 100% electric and zero-emission Nissan LEAF in Japan to the Kanagawa Prefectural Government. Six of these vehicles will be designated for official prefecture use and four will serve as rental cars to be used in the prefecture’s EV Sharing Model Business. In addition, the EV Sharing Model Business also launched today with the Nissan LEAF, is a model project in which EV will play a dual role – as an official vehicle of Kanagawa Prefecture on weekdays and as a rental car for public users on weekends and holidays, providing an opportunity for residents of the prefecture to experience EV.

With the goal of becoming a global leader in zero-emission mobility, Nissan, in conjunction with Alliance partner Renault, has signed more than 80 partnerships for zero-emission mobility with governments, municipalities and companies worldwide. Nissan LEAF went on sale in Japan and the United States in December and to be followed by selected markets in Europe. Release in other global markets is set to begin in 2012.