Nissan Intelligent Driver Project helps drivers reduce fuel usage by an average of 18 percent

European motorists are being shown how to drive more economically in a unique project designed to help reduce fuel bills and lower CO2 emissions. The Nissan Intelligent Driver Project (NIDP) uses satellite navigation systems, mobile phone technology and advanced vehicle telematics to analyse driving habits and suggest ways of improving fuel economy. Reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 are the two main targets behind the project. Along with real-time fuel economy updates displayed to the driver via the vehicle’s satellite navigation screen, data from every trip is transmitted daily to the Nissan Global Data Centre for analysis. This information is then published on a password-protected Web site that can be accessed by the drivers participating in the trial. The site allows drivers to compare their performance to other motorists driving similar vehicles, along with monitoring progress of their individual eco-driving techniques. Drivers are rewarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold status, with the most fuel-efficient drivers awarded the Platinum ranking.

In a similar trial in Japan, drivers reduced fuel usage by an average of 18 percent, with comparable reductions in CO2 emissions. It led to savings at the pump of an estimated €350 per year. If similar improvements can be realised in Europe, the results would make a significant contribution to the development of these features in next generation Information Technology (IT) & Telematics systems.