Nissan MOD driving assistance technology detects moving objects around the vehicle and alerts the driver to their presence

Nissan today announced its new Moving Object Detection (MOD) driving assistance technology, which is designed to detect moving objects around the vehicle and alert the driver to their presence. The conventional Around View Monitor system, with its user-friendly screen display, helps the driver steer the vehicle easily into a parking space. MOD uses both the screen display and an audio buzzer to notify the driver of moving objects in the vicinity of the vehicle – such as pedestrians -during parking procedures, when starting the car, or when driving at low speeds. This technology helps supplement the driver’s vision in situations such as when leaving a parking space or when entering into a junction/intersection with poor right-and-left side visibility.

MOD has been developed as an additional function for Around View Monitor, Nissan’s driving and parking assistance system. Around View Monitor was launched for the first time in the world in October 2007 and has been available on the Infiniti EX and FX since 2008. The addition of the new MOD function further enhances the Around View Monitor system without need for an additional sensor.