Nissan Skyline Crossover designed to promote safe, pleasurable driving, including Around View Monitor and Forward Collision Warning

The new Nissan Skyline Crossover represents a fusion of luxury coupe and luxury SUV, a union beautifully expressed in its dynamic design, sophisticated performance and unmatched driving pleasure. Along with its flowing silhouette and modern interior, the Skyline Crossover offers an optimal balance of smooth handling, supple ride comfort and responsive acceleration provided by its powerful 3.7-liter VQ37VHR engine and 7-speed automatic transmission with manual mode. The new Nissan Skyline Crossover features a range of advanced technologies designed to promote safe, pleasurable driving, including Around View Monitor (AVM), LDP/LDW (Lane Departure Prevention/Lane Departure Warning systems), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range) and a Safety Drive Guide.
The Around View Monitor system (standard on 370GT Type P/370GT FOUR Type P) includes a new Parking Guide function, which assists the driver when parking by providing a “birds-eye view” of the vehicle to help the driver see the vehicle, parking lines and obstacles. The Parking Guide can tell the driver where to begin backing in and steering with a birds-eye view and audio cues.

Also available are a Bose audio system (standard on all models) and a HDD CARWINGS navigation system with built-in terrestrial digital TV receiver. The system’s mapping can be updated by downloading from a computer or mobile communications device. As the latest in vehicle navigation system design, it offers enhanced entertainment features including iPod connections and digital TV receiver. Two interior environments are offered. The Brown interior expresses luxury, with the use of crafted curly maple wood and other fine materials. The Black interior provides a sporty elegance with a unique aluminum trim finish.