Nissan to display Smart House NSH-2012 which uses the LEAF to Home charging system at CEATEC JAPAN 2011

At CEATEC JAPAN 2011 Nissan will showcase its Stand-alone Energy Community exhibit with the LEAF to Home (V2H) in the Smart Community ZERO area within the special Smart Community Innovation 2011 exhibition zone. V2H stands for the Vehicle to Home system, which enables energy that is stored in an electric vehicle’s batteries to be used in residential homes. In the Home Zone within the Smart Community area, Nissan will display its Smart House NSH-2012, which uses the LEAF to Home charging system. To maximize available space, NSH-2012 adopts the high-floor style of ancient Japanese housing design. A polyhedral room, which can fit in the urban landscape of the near future, features a monocoque structure used in aircraft; the outer panel of the main body is also subjected to structural stress.

With a power supply system that combines double power generation (solar power and fuel cell power) with the LEAF to Home system, this home can maintain stable in-house power supply that is not affected by weather, and can rely on solar power and power stored in an EV’s batteries if power is cut off during a disaster. With an energy management system that uses next-generation mobile communications, the home’s electric appliances also employ energy-saving and remote-controlled maintenance features.