Nissans new super height wagon type minicar will be known as- Nissan DAYZ ROOX

Nissan today announced the name of its second new minicar, a super height (tall) wagon, Nissan DAYZ ROOX. Nissan is currently planning and developing this new minicar, which is slated for launch in early 2014, in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors through a minicar joint venture. The first model created by this joint venture, Nissan DAYZ, will begin sales in June 2013. Nissan DAYZ ROOX is the successor to the current Nissan ROOX and will become the second minicar created by NMKV, and will go on sale in early 2014.

With Nissan participating in the development of minicars from the onset of product planning, development and design phases, the new DAYZ ROOX will reflect Nissan’s brand identity in exterior design as well as features that will be inherited from the know-how cultivated from Serena, the No.1 minivan in Japan in 2012.

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