Nissan’s Elgrand to debut with World’s First Around View Monitor

Nissan will introduce the world’s first Around View Monitor, which offers the driver a bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings in real-time. In Japan, the Around View Monitor will debut in the new Elgrand, scheduled for introduction at the end of this month. The technology will also be offered to the U.S market on the all new Infiniti EX35 scheduled for launch this December. The Nissan Around View Monitor system synthesizes a bird’s eye image of the vehicle and its surrounding from four ultra wide-angle (180-degree) high-resolution cameras mounted on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle. The Around View Monitor is particularly helpful when parking, enabling the driver to steer easily and precisely into a parking space.

The camera-enabled sensors mounted on all four corners of the vehicle depict the distance to an obstacle in easy-to-understand colored graphics, and help warn the driver via a “beeping” alert the closer the vehicle approaches an fixed obstacle.