OKI Automotive LCD Controller LSI with Video Decoder

Oki has developed LCD controller LSIs for small and mid-size LCD monitors that include video decoders compatible with the three major video standards (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and video adjustment functions. The OKI ML86V8207 is developed for QVGA-VGA small LCD monitors while the ML86V8209 is developed for WVGA-XGA mid-size LCD monitors. These LSIs include the video decoder, scalar, on-screen display (OSD) and LCD controller functions- all in a single chip. The chip includes a video decoder that supports the three worldwide video signal standards.
The OKI ML86V8207 and ML86V8209 are packaged as single chips and are offered in small size to suit automotive entertainment systems that require limited space. The ML86V8209 includes an SDRAM interface to enable the picture-in-picture function for digital and analog video signals, and a line overlay function, displaying up to XGA resolution.

Samples for the two new models, OKI ML86V8207 for small LCD monitors and OKI ML86V8209 for mid-size monitors with higher functionality will be available from Feb. 2008. Volume shipment is expected in Oct. for ML86V8209 and Dec. for ML86V8207.