Oslon LX LED from Osram provides affordable LED solutions even for the subcompact automobile market

Osram Opto is offering a new LED component for widespread application in the automotive sector- Oslon LX. The focus here is on the essential functions of brightness and quality so these new white light emitting diodes are affordable even for installation in subcompact vehicles. Oslon LX is ideal for applications in which high light output and high energy efficiency are crucial factors – such as fog lights and daytime running lights. Low beam and high-beam applications are also possible, however, with a combination of several LEDs.

The Oslon LX LED is based on the latest UX:3 chip technology with a tried and tested silicon converter. At a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (in the chip) the LED produces 125 lumen from a current of 350 mA; at a higher temperature of around 100 degrees Celsius, it achieves a luminous flux of 100 lumen. The LED lens has a beam angle of 120 degrees. This means that the new LED meets the established standard for reflector solutions in automobiles and that the systems used in the compact subcompact segments can be retained. The Oslon LX will be showcased for the first time at electronica 2012 (A3.107).

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