Osram Xenarc Silverstar is the brightest Xenon-automotive bulbs on earth

Xenon-automotive_bulb.jpgOsram now on offers the brightest Xenon-headlight bulb worldwide. When compared to standard Xenon bulbs, Osram Xenarc Silverstar is able to generate a beam of light that is 20 meters longer than that of conventional bulbs and provides 30 percent more light on the road. With Xenarc Silverstar, the global market leader in automotive lighting applications-Osram has yet again taken Xenon-Technology to another level. Due to the innovative geometry of the bulb the beam of light is extended and more light actually arrives where it is intended – for example on the road ahead or on illuminating road signs. This leads to increased safety, as obstacles and other hindrances can be seen much earlier.

With merely one bulb per headlight, not only main beam, dimmed beam and bending light can be realized, but also special light distribution, which can be adapted to the respective conditions on the highway as well as in suburban traffic, city traffic and bad weather. Xenon-bulbs produces more than twice as much light as the coiled filament of a halogen lamp while at the same time consuming up to 50 percent less energy. OSRAM Xenarc Silverstar is available in D1S and D2S types. At the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt the Xenarc Silverstar was awarded in the Automotive Brand Contest.