Panasonic Evolta Battery-Powered Train Built by Students in Japan Runs 13.7 Miles

battery_powered_train_panasonicA battery-powered train car built by high-school students in Japan set a world record on Tuesday after running over 22 kilometers (13.7 miles) using only type D batteries. According to an official at Kawagoe Technical High School in Saitama prefecture, the train car used 600 Panasonic Evolta D batteries for its power and weighed about 1.1 ton, excluding the several people who were aboard during the challenge.

battery_powered_train_panasonic_crowdThe train departed from Maego station in Akita prefecture and traveled 22.615 kilometers in 2 hours and 47 minutes.The project was conducted together with Panasonic., which had succeeded in operating a battery-powered train car last year that ran for 8.5 kilometers. The school official said there weren’t any previous distance records for such trains.

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