Panasonic announces Worlds first HDD car navigation system with car and home network link

Panasonic Japan will launch two new HDD Car Navigation System models in Japan in June. The new high-end Strada F-Class models CN-HX1000D and CN-HW1000D with 7 inch wide screen are the world’s first car navigation systems that enable network linkage between cars and homes. The new Panasonic HDD Car Navigation Systems turns a car into a second living room by linking users’ vehicles to their domestic electrical appliances through Bluetooth technology. The new Panasonic F-Class models allow drivers to remotely operate lighting and air conditioners at home, monitor conditions at home via still images captured with a network camera and record TV programs by controlling a Panasonic DIGA DVD recorder from the car. The built in Terrestrial digital (one-segment) digital TV tuner with LCD AI technology automatically determines the brightness of images to control backlight luminance in real time and adjust color contrast for easy viewing.

The two new Panasonic HDD Car Navigation System models CN-HX1000D and CN-HW1000D are compatible with iPod 5G/nano Version 1.2.0 or higher 2G nano Version 1.1.2 or higher. Model CN-HX1000D will be available in Japan from June 13 and model CN-HW1000D from June 20th for approximately 354,900 ($1,735)