Panasonic’s HD-PLC Eco for Smart Grid Application Ready for Licensing

Panasonic has started licensing its newly developed low power consumption high-speed broadband powerline communication technology HD-PLC (High Definition – Power Line Communication) Eco. The new Panasonic HD-PLC Eco technology realizes about 90% reduction of power consumption in comparison with existing HD-PLC adapters (BL-PA510) that has 4 watt power consumption. While realizing low power consumption, the technology is able to provide the stability and security unique to wired communication for a wider variety of devices. As a result, there is high anticipation for HD-PLC Eco’s application in power meters for smart grid systems and electric vehicles.

To further expand HD-PLC solutions, Panasonic also announced it is licensing its HD-PLC technology to Alchip Technologies a leading provider of silicon design and manufacturing solutions for system companies developing ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and SoC (System-on-a-chip) designs. Panasonic will continue to develop HD-PLC systems that can be used in various products as well as promote the licensing of HD-PLC solutions to manufacturers around the world.

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